How To Install WordPress on HostGator

I have been blogging for nearly a decade and since the beginning HostGator has been my solid reliable choice for WordPress hosting.  They offer quality support, nice pricing options, and a great pool of resources to help get you up and running with your site.  We have already discussed setting up your nameservers on GoDaddy so that you can access your site by your domain name, but what will that bring them to?  Until you set your initial site up it will just bring people to a HostGator landing page so you want to get your site up and running so people find your site.

How to configure WordPress:

  • When you login to your site’s Control Panel scroll toward the bottom to the Software/Services section.  In that section just click the QuickInstall icon.

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How To Update DNS Info on GoDaddy

So you have purchased a domain name and signed up for web hosting.  Now you need to update your nameservers, or DNS settings, so that your domain registrar knows how to find your web host,  You will be provided custom name servers from your hosting company in your initial welcome e-mail.  

Nameservers are provided in sets of two and they basically act as a direction guide on the Internet .  If you do not endit this information when you type in your domain name you will just be directed back to your domain registrar since the initial nameservers are set to ones that direct to them.

​This is not a complicated process, but if it is your first time going through this process it can be a little confusing or frustrating.  Just follow these simple steps to get your domain looking for your host.

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